We are pleased to announce:

Best Paper Award🎉

Computational Analysis of Selection and Mutation Probabilities in the Evolution of Chord Progressions.
Eita Nakamura

Honorable mention

Combining Vision and EMG-Based Hand Tracking for Extended Reality Musical Instruments
Max Graf and Mathieu Barthet

Interpretable Rule Learning and Evaluation of Early Twentieth-century Music Styles
Christofer Julio, Feng-Hsu Lee and Li Su

Reconstructing Human Expressiveness in Piano Performances with a Transformer Network
Jingjing Tang, Geraint Wiggins and George Fazekas

Historical Changes of Modes and their Substructure Modeled as Pitch Distributions in Plainchant from the 1100s to the 1500s
Eita Nakamura, Tim Eipert and Fabian C. Moss