13 October – Those who want to join the social dinner are asked to register themselves by the end of October. If you are already registered without “social dinner” but would like to join the dinner, please visit registration >> Login >> MyPage, and write so in the “contact form”, which you can find at the bottom of MyPage.

10 September – The web page of Program has been opened!

3 August 2023 – Springer has agreed to publish the post proceedings of CMMR
in their LNCS series!

10 July 2023 – Registration is now open!

10 July 2023 – Notification of acceptance has been disseminated!

30 April 2023 – The deadline of paper submission has been extended to 7 May!

20 February 2023 – The web page of Keynote Talks has been opened!

13 February 2023 – The web page of Call for sponsors has been opened!

28 December 2022 – Details are announced for open Call for papers and demonstrations!

14 March 2022 – The CMMR2023 website has been opened!