Call for demos

CMMR 2023 invites the submission of demos related to all aspects of multidisciplinary fields regarding music and computers, particularly submissions matching this year’s topic “Music: the bridge after the turmoil.” 

The DEMO is an interactive session for the participants and those who would like to show their works. The presenters can show their works, and the presenters and participants can freely discuss various issues based on their common interests. This year, we have set the deadline rather late compared with former years, and thus, we can accept those with premature or on-going works.

Original contributions are encouraged in, but not limited to, the following topics: 

  • Audio Signal Processing
  • Artificial intelligence and cognitive science for sound and music
  • Auditory perception and cognition
  • Augmented musical instruments
  • Computational musicology
  • Cooperative music networks
  • Digital Communities
  • Digital music libraries
  • Evaluation of creative music systems
  • Intelligent music tutoring systems
  • Live coding
  • Mapping and sonification
  • Motion and gesture
  • Multimodal perception
  • Music and emotions
  • Music games and interactive learning
  • Music information retrieval
  • Music interface design
  • Music production and composition tools
  • Music representation and visualisation
  • Music structure analysis
  • Music transcription
  • Musically inspired HCI
  • Optical music recognition
  • Semantic web
  • Sound and architecture
  • Sound and music in visual media
  • Sound source separation
  • Sound synthesis
  • User studies (e.g. ethnography, usability of music software)
  • Virtual and augmented reality

All paper submissions will be peer-reviewed to ensure quality and suitability. Please prepare demo submissions according to the Instructions for Authors.

31 July 2023, 23:59 (AoE): Deadline for demo submission
1 September 2023: Notification of demo acceptance