Call for sponsors

Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR) 2023
Call for Sponsors

January 2023
Keiji Hirata, General Chair

We are currently seeking sponsors who support the objectives of CMMR2023. We would be grateful for your cooperation.

Outline of CMMR 2023:

CMMR 2023 is a series of international conferences that aim to bring systematic and rich academic knowledge for the common subject of music through a multidisciplinary approach from the perspectives of intelligence, consciousness, brain, body, information, media, art, creativity, society, culture, and evolution. The regular conference program includes concert sessions of media art works, including electronic music, and is a venue for the creation of a research community that integrates the arts and humanities with musicians. The first CMMR was held in Montpellier, France, in 2003, and this is the 16th. The CMMR 2023 conference slogan is “Music: bridge after the turmoil. For more detailed information on the features and history of CMMR, please visit the official Website as follows.

Dates: 13 (Mon) – 17 (Fri) November, 2023 (13 Nov.: reception only)
Venue: Tokyo University of Science, Morito Memorial Hall and Ongaku no Tomo Hall (Kagurazaka, Tokyo)
In-person, and some of the presentations will be live-streamed

Official Website:

Benefits of CMMR 2023 Sponsorship:

  • Promote and publicize your company’s products, research and development results, and activities to leading researchers, engineers, and students of music informatics from around the world.
  • Use the conference as an opportunity to recruit and exchange ideas with researchers, engineers, technicians, and students.
  • Use the conference as an opportunity to improve the brand value of your company or organization.

Sponsorship Fees:

  • Gold Sponsor: 300,000 yen / Approximately 2,100 euros
  • Silver Sponsor: 200,000 yen / Approximately 1,400 euros
  • Commercial Sponsor: 100,000 yen / Approximately 710 euros
  • Free-style Sponsor: to be discussed based on the details of the sponsorship

Remark:Assuming 1 EUR is converted to 140 JPY

For more detailed sponsorship information, please refer to the application form. We are very welcome to accept requests for sponsorship activities other than those listed above (e.g., a special session for your company’s presentation on the live webcast). We will be happy to provide support for partial requests, so please feel free to consult with us.

Important Date of Sponsor Application:

  • Until May 31, 2023
    We would greatly appreciate it if you would apply as early as possible, since there will be a period of time for web publicity and preparation of equipment, etc.

Contact for more information and application:

  • Send email to

Sponsor application form:

Please fulfill in the sponsor application form below.

We look forward to receiving support from many companies and organizations.

Important Dates of CMMR 2023:

  • Paper submission deadline: April 30
  • Notification of acceptance: July 10
  • Early registration deadline: September 15

Conference Participation Fee (as of February 1, 2023):

  • Early (until September 15)
    • General 60,000 yen (Approximately 430 euros)
    • Students 20,000 yen (Approximately 140 euros)
  • Regular
    • General 80,000 yen (Approximately 570 euros)
    • Students 30,000 yen (Approximately 210 euros)

Remark:Assuming 1 EUR is converted to 140 JPY